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Piston Manufacturer for Gasoline & Diesel Engines

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car tech

Car Tech

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cartech product

Cradle Peugeot 405
Peugeot Pars

cartech product

Cradle Peugeot 206

cartech product

Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 405

cartech product

Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 206

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About Car Tech


Car Tech System Company was established in 2004 as a joint venture between the renowned Italian piston manufacturer Pistal Racing International and the Iranian Development & Renovation Organization (IDRO). The company specializes in designing and manufacturing diesel and gasoline pistons in accordance with the most recent European standards. Our 20,000-square-meter plant at Qazvin’s Caspian Industrial Estate was launched in the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade in 2010, marking a significant milestone.

cartech factory
cartech factory


Car Tech System rose to prominence as an OEM and aftermarket supplier thanks to its Italian partner’s experience in piston design, cutting-edge equipment, and trained personnel. Its strategy was centered on flexibility, consistent quality, privacy, and a steady flow of original ideas throughout the design, production, and quality control processes. The corporation boasted innovative machinery, such as robotic and semi-robotic production lines, as well as cutting-edge laboratory equipment, ensuring efficient manufacturing and excellent standards.


Car Tech System has successfully supplied automakers for over 10 years, demonstrating its experience and commitment to quality. The company excelled in inventing and producing revolutionary goods by leveraging the experience of its Italian partner and a highly trained internal team.

Car Tech System guarantees the quality of its products for 810 days after purchase, giving clients peace of mind. The company obtained considerable international experience with the help of its Italian partner, Pistal Racing Intl., which has over 30 years of experience designing and developing pistons for high-performance engines.

Car Tech System provided extensive after-sales services in addition to great products. Technical assistance was supplied by highly skilled specialists, ensuring client satisfaction and optimal product performance.

Car Tech System pursued excellence in all facets of its company, solidifying its position as a trustworthy and forward-thinking member in the automobile industry. Under new ownership, the company remained committed to providing exceptional outcomes and pushing industry innovation.


car tech


Iran – Qazvin