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Dena Co

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15 m EUR


PSA, Renault, Nissan Corp


Dena products

Cradle Peugeot 405
Peugeot Pars

dena product

Cradle Peugeot 206

Dena products

Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 405

Dena products

Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 206

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About Dena Co


Dena Company, alongside Fica Sabz, was founded to make a variety of car drives for the automotive industry. Our products were immediately exported to Peugeot in  France, and we worked hard to meet their high expectations.

Dena Company became known for producing high-quality car drives. We met Peugeot’s strict standards by combining skills, resources, and technological knowledge with Fica Sabz.

Recent economic sanctions have caused a temporary pause in our operations, directly affecting production and exports. Despite these challenges, we are focused on overcoming these obstacles and are dedicated to returning stronger, continuing our vital contribution to the automotive industry.

Dena devices
Dena devices


We continue to provide high-quality automobile drives regardless of the interruption. To meet Peugeot’s high standards, we invested in cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, technology, and quality control.

Our direct exports to Peugeot exemplify our dedication to performance, reliability, and safety within the automotive sector. This collaboration has been built on mutual trust, and we have consistently strived to keep and reinforce this trust through our relentless commitment to excellence.


Despite the challenges presented by the current penalties, we are relentlessly exploring innovative solutions to sustain our operations. Our focus remains on adapting and overcoming these obstacles, ensuring the ongoing success and resilience of our business.

After a resolution, we wish to carry on working with Peugeot and making contributions to the automotive sector.

We’ll overcome Dena Company’s closure. We eagerly await sanctions relief to resume manufacturing and exporting high-quality vehicle drives.

 We are deeply grateful for the constant support of our customers, partners, and stakeholders. During these challenging times, our commitment to excellence remains unchanged.


Qazvin – Iran