Aria Kian

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Ariakian factory

Aria Kian

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24 m EUR


Cradle Peugeot 405
Peugeot Pars

Cradle Peugeot 206

Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 405

Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 206

ISO Certificate

About Aria Kian


Aria Kian emerged as a notable corporation in Iran’s industrial scene in 2003, with a primary focus on suspension systems. Recognizing the need for increased production capacity as well as the need to meet international standards, IKCO (Iran Khodro Company) made the strategic decision to establish a high-quality production line that adhered to the stringent standards set by PSA (Peugeot Société Anonyme), a well-known automotive manufacturer.

aria kian factory
aria kian factory


Aria Kian meticulously handpicked a team of highly regarded and experienced executives to assure the success of this ambitious business. These individuals were picked for their track record of successfully completing significant industrial projects on time. Their industry expertise and understanding were critical in boosting Aria Kian’s growth and development.

Aria Kian invested in cutting-edge robotic lines purchased from leading countries such as Italy, Germany, and France to attain its goals. This strategic move enabled the firm to take advantage of the most recent technological advances, ensuring the development of suspension systems that met or even exceeded worldwide quality standards.



Aria Kian’s success story began with the careful selection of a team comprising seasoned executives renowned for their track record in delivering large-scale industrial projects on schedule. Their invaluable industry expertise and insights played a pivotal role in driving Aria Kian’s growth and development. To achieve its ambitious goals, Aria Kian made strategic investments in state-of-the-art robotic production lines sourced from leading countries like Italy, Germany, and France. This strategic move empowered the company to harness the latest technological advancements, ensuring the development of suspension systems that not only met but often exceeded global quality standards.
Aria Kian’s journey to success involved strategic investments in cutting-edge robotic production lines sourced from Italy, Germany, and France. Harnessing the latest technological breakthroughs, the company engineered suspension systems that consistently surpassed global quality standards. Aria Kian’s PSA-compliant production line not only addressed capacity challenges but also cemented its reputation as a premier supplier of high-quality products to global vehicle manufacturers.
 Aria Kian worked tirelessly under the supervision of competent management to improve their operations, streamline their production processes, and maintain the highest standards of quality control. Their dedication to excellence and efficiency enabled them to meet the automotive industry’s strict requirements and create a reputation for supplying dependable and high-quality suspension systems.
Aria Kian stands as a symbol of success in the completion of critical industrial projects within Iran. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, adoption of cutting-edge technology, and the expertise of our accomplished management team continue to drive growth and development in the Iranian automotive industry. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and innovation.


Ariakian factory


Iran – Qazvin – Ab Yek – after Simorgh Industrial Town – Ariakian St. – Aria Kian Company