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Clutch Cover & Disc

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Tuka Sadr

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Iran - Karaj




4.7 m EUR


Iran Khodro - Saipa - IDEM


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Cradle Peugeot 405
Peugeot Pars

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Cradle Peugeot 206

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Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 405

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Component of Front Suspension Peugeot 206

ISO Certificate

About Tuka Sadr


Tuka Sadr Co. was founded in 1994 to develop clutch systems for various industries. Our organisation got licenses from SECO of South Korea and LUK of Germany to access and use their technical expertise.

Tuka Sadr Co. thrived by improving manufacturing procedures, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Our expert professionals worked hard to guarantee every clutch system met the highest performance and reliability standards.

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Unfortunately, our company has temporarily closed. We regret the interruption in activities but are committed to addressing the issues and determining Tuka Sadr Co.’s future.

We promoted innovation, constant improvement, and customer-centricity while active. We actively researched and developed clutch systems to meet our clients’ changing needs.


Our customer satisfaction went beyond product quality. We value long-term client relationships, customised solutions, and thorough support.

Our loyal clients and stakeholders are supporting us during this temporary closure.

Tuka Sadr Co. continuously seeks ways to resume operations and bring back its excellence and reliability.

Despite the closure, we will continue to make high-quality clutch systems.

We are committed to overcoming obstacles and regaining our status as a trusted source of superior clutch solutions.

We look forward to proudly reopening Tuka Sadr Co. to serve our customers with fresh passion and commitment.


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Iran, Alborz, Karaj